When Should We Send Out Our Wedding Invitations?

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Obviously, your wedding invitations are not going anywhere until you have your guest list and event details finalized. With that said, it can be hard to know the point in your engagement period when they should be sent out to the people you want with you on your special day. It is important to give people plenty of advance notice, as they may need to make special arrangements to attend your event. However, if you send out the invitations too early, they are more likely to be misplaced and lost, leading to questions from guests and possible missed RSVPs. Texas Old Town does offer support with wedding invitations in our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

Be Careful About Sending Invitations As Soon As Possible

Why would you want to hold off on sending invitations? If you give people too much time between when they receive their invitations and when they need to respond, it may slip their minds to RSVP and make arrangements. You can also run into a situation where people lose their invitations, and have to reach out to you to receive details. For couples with a longer engagement period, save the date cards can be useful. These cards can let your invited guests know when the event will be, and where it takes place, but it does not have to include more detailed information. By sending them, you simply give people advance notice on when they should be available without requiring RSVPs.

Make Sure People Have Time To Arrange Travel Plans If Necessary

Give guests at least six to eight weeks to respond to your invitations and make arrangements to attend your wedding. If you have already sent out save the dates, you have given people more time to make arrangements if they need to make travel plans, or arrange for a sitter if you are hosting a child-free wedding. If many of your guests will have to make travel arrangements, be sure to include information on your wedding website concerning convenient lodging – you can also add details on fun activities they can take part in before or after the wedding.

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package Provides Support With Wedding Invitations

Thanks to our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can count on support throughout your wedding planning experience. As part of our commitment to making your celebration easier to enjoy, we can provide help with invitations that are informative and attractive. The All-Inclusive Wedding Package can benefit couples with busy schedules, and those who feel unsure about their ability to fully plan their ideal wedding experience.

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