3 Things To Consider Before Finalizing Your Guest List

Professional Photo By: Amanda Hoffman Art

The process of creating, revising, and finalizing the guest list for your wedding can be a daunting one. You can face tough questions about who should or should not be included, how many plus-ones you can comfortably offer, and whether you should make your event a child-free gathering. When you have the list finished, and you are ready to send out invitations, it can be tough to make changes after the fact. Texas Old Town offers venues of different size, so we are ready to welcome guests who are looking to host a large wedding, and we can also make room for those who want to host a more intimate celebration.

1. Make Sure You Are Comfortable With Every Invited Guest Attending

It is safe to assume that at least a few people you invite will have to decline your invitation, and others may even back out after initially telling you they would be there. Because of this, couples are sometimes tempted to add a few more people to their guest list than they can really accommodate. The problem with a decision like this is that it can leave you in a difficult position where you host more people than you are prepared for, or can easily accommodate. Because of this, it is important to feel confident that you have the budget and the space to welcome everyone who receives an invitation!

2. Talk With Your Parents (If They Are Helping With Wedding Costs)

While you can certainly check with your parents about guests they want to invite if they are not helping you financially, it can be especially important to check in if they are. Parents can reasonably feel that because they are helping pay for a celebration, they should have some say in who will be there. Ideally, you should reach out to them when you first start creating your guest list so you can factor their requests in. At the least, checking in before you finalize your list can be easier than having to fit new people into your wedding after invitations have gone out.

3. Double Check To Make Sure You Did Not Forget Someone!

This is an easy measure to follow, but failing to do so can lead to real embarrassment. No matter how confident you are that everyone is included, a review can help you catch onto someone being absent. It may feel awkward to realize you forgot someone, but reaching out later (or leaving them uninvited) can certainly feel worse.

Bring Your Guests Together For A Wonderful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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