Choosing Beautiful Bridal Bouquets And Floral Arrangements

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Because you keep it with you for so much of the wedding, you may want to think about your bridal bouquet as part of your attire. It will be featured prominently as you walk down the aisle, and it will appear in the group and couple photos taken by your photographer. It can also stay with you during the reception…until the bouquet toss, anyway.¬† With this in mind, it should be easy to see why the selection of your bouquet deserves some serious thought. The bouquet, and your different floral arrangements featured in your decorations, can give your event welcome touches of color, and add natural beauty to your surroundings. With the right selections, you can feel amazing about the arrangements themselves and their influence on your wedding!

Your Wedding Colors, Your Dress, And The Season Should Influence Your Choices

Before you pick out your bouquet, you should have your wedding dress selected. Choosing a bouquet without having it as a reference can lead to a selection that you are ultimately disappointed in. The shape or your dress, its features, and even its shade can influence what kind of bouquet looks best when you walk down the aisle. To make the selection process shorter, you should also have a clear vision for your wedding colors. Because many flowers are seasonal, the date of your wedding can have an inevitable impact on your selection. Fortunately, your florist can talk you through what will be available, and how the different flowers you can enjoy might work for your bouquet.

Choose A Bouquet That Is Lovely, But Also Easy To Carry

Selecting a bouquet for its look in your hands, and in photos, will certainly be important. However, you should remember that in addition to selecting something that looks great, you also want to pick something you are comfortable carrying! It can be easy to become carried away when assembling a bouquet, but if it is too large it can start to feel like a burden, and it may be harder to maintain through the course of your ceremony and reception.

Showcase Your Wedding Colors With Your Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements add natural beauty to your ceremony and reception spaces, and they give you a way to show off your wedding colors. For formal, casual, and rustic events, floral arrangements can be welcome additions to your decorations, though your choice in arrangements should vary based on the type of event you are planning. One thing to be wary of is larger arrangements for your table centerpieces at your reception. Because you will need many pieces, the larger size can stretch your budget, and they may interfere with people’s ability to talk at their tables.

Carry A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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