Finding The Right Space For A Wedding With Fewer Guests

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When people think about fitting their guests into a venue, they tend to think about the problems associated with trying to hold too many people in a cramped space. A lack of room for everyone at your wedding can certainly be a problem, but you also want to avoid giving yourself too much venue space for your event. This can make the occasion feel small, and it can be hard for you to decorate in a way that hides or minimizes your excess surroundings. Texas Old Town actually offers venues of different sizes, so you can find the space that best suits your wedding. If you have plans to keep the event on the small side, a more intimate venue can be ideal for you!

Are You Hoping To Limit The Number Of People At Your Event?

While limiting your guest count can be a budget-friendly decision, there are several reasons couples choose to be more judicious with their invitations. Keeping the turnout small can make the occasion feel more special, as you can limit the attendance to people you feel truly close to. If you want to host a more relaxed or informal gathering, keeping your guest count low can feel more appropriate as well.

Finding A Space That Feels Right For A Smaller Guest Count

If you have a large reception space to hold a smaller number of people, your gathering may feel poorly attended and lethargic, even if you have everyone you want in attendance. Picking a space that is more intimate can feel more appropriate for the occasion, and it can be easier for you to decorate. Of course, you should give yourself some room to stretch out. A little extra space can mean more room for your dance floor, easier movement between tables, and ample space for the gift table and reception book.

We Can Provide Important Amenities In Addition To A Lovely Venue

On top of providing our guests lovely venue spaces and access to a beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape, we are proud to offer important amenities that make wedding planning easier. This includes support in the form of a recommended vendors list, changing rooms for both wedding party groups, and even the option of purchasing our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Texas Old Town Is Prepared To Help Couples Celebrate Weddings At Different Sizes

At Texas Old Town, couples can find the right space for their wedding in beautiful Texas Hill Country. We are proud to provide several venue options for you, and amenities that can make planning and celebrating easier. Our premiere Austin wedding venue is conveniently close to San Antonio and San Marcos, and available for corporate events and special events. To find out more, or to set up a tour of our Kyle, TX venue, please call Texas Old Town today at 512.396.1800!