Honoring Parents During Your Wedding Celebration

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

Your wedding event joins you with your partner, and it brings your respective families together. With that in mind, your celebration can focus on more than just honoring the love between the bride and groom. In large and small ways, you can take opportunities to celebrate both sets of parents over the course of your event. There are moments that make tributes easy – for instance, people often expect to hear from the fathers of both the bride and groom during the wedding toasts, and parents are included in the ceremony procession. Of course, you can look for additional ways to show these family members how much their support means to you on your special day.

Honoring Traditions That Feature Parents Of The Bride And Groom

Traditional moments that include parents of the bride and groom may be common, but they tend to be popular and well-regarded. Your parents will receive seats of honor and the opportunity to walk in the procession, and you and your partner can take to the dance floor with respective parents at the reception. You can also give everyone who is interested the chance to say something during your wedding toast – the fathers of the bride and groom are often expected to give speeches, but both mothers can be included as well!

Little Gestures You Can Work Into Your Wedding Experience

While large gestures tend to receive more attention, smaller tributes for your family members can be encouraged! Something as small as incorporating a gift from a parent as your “something borrowed” can show them how much they mean to you on your special day. You can also create a special seating area for parents, similar to the sweetheart table typically reserved for the bride and groom.

Making Time To Honor Additional Family Members

Your parents are important, but they may not be the only family members you wish to honor. You can include additional family members in your procession, mention people in your wedding program, and even create special seating for other people you are close to. Obviously, if you have a close relative or step-parent who served in a role typically performed by a parent, they can occupy that parent’s space in your wedding event.

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