How Can I Be Sure I Have The Right Colors For My Wedding?

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Selecting the colors you want to feature in your wedding decorations will help you establish the look you want for your event, but it may be hard to commit to your choices. How can you make sure that your selections are appropriately formal, or a good fit for your theme? How many colors can you incorporate, and how much variety should you show off in your decorations? If you feel unsure of yourself, you can always discuss concerns with your decorator and seek their guidance. You should also remember that you have the freedom to dictate the style of your wedding. If you feel strongly about a choice, even if you worry it might not be “right” for what you have planned, you are allowed to take a risk for something that you believe in.

Your Wedding Colors Can Influence The Formality Of Your Event

The formality of your wedding event can be reflected in the attire choices you and your partner make, as well as in what your wedding party members wear. You can also influence how sophisticated or casual you want your experience to be with what you serve, and the type of decorations you put out. While your choice of wedding colors is a less direct means of establishing the tone of your evening, it can be important for consistency’s sake. Vibrant, varied colors can look lovely at a casual wedding, but they may seem like an unusual fit for a more elegant affair. If you want to create a sense of formality, look for muted colors, and more consistency in your choices.

Think About How Your Colors Will Fit With Your Surroundings

One of the many benefits of a venue visit is that it gives you a chance to physically reside in your potential wedding space and picture how it might look with your desired decorations. In fact, you may want to hold off on final decisions regarding wedding colors until you have been on your tour. Taking pictures of the space can give you easy references as you finalize choices for your decorations.

How Limited Do I Have To Be In The Colors I Feature?

If you choose too many colors for your wedding look, it can be difficult to feature everything in a way that feels organic and attractive. Your surroundings at the ceremony and reception will provide variety if you stick with a limited palette for floral arrangements and other decorations. You can also think about color choices when it comes to the style of your wedding party – a color you select for their clothing can be part of your palette, even if it is only lightly featured in your decorations.

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