How Can I Make Sure My Reception Starts On Time?

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While there are many fun aspects to planning and celebrating a wedding, there are also certain mundane tasks that need attention. You should be able to enjoy your special day and feel fully present in the different parts of your ceremony and reception, but you also have to worry about keeping your event on track. One issue that can hurt your celebration is a late start to your reception, which can force you to rush or skip certain traditions you might have planned to honor. Advance planning can help you avoid some of the common issues that cause reception delays, as can the support of an event coordinator on the day of your wedding.

Consider Taking First Look Photos

In between your wedding ceremony and reception, you will have a series of pictures taken with your wedding party and your family members, as well as photos with you and your partner. To save time during this process, you can instead opt to take first look photos. This session will see the happy couple make time before the ceremony to have private pictures taken with their wedding photographer. In addition to making sure the groom’s reaction to their bride is captured, this can shorten the time you have to spend on photos before the reception can begin.

Make Sure Your Seating Charts And Table Numbers Are Easy To Read

While a reception seating chart is not always required, it can be beneficial to have one in place, particularly if you have a larger guest count. Make sure that the list you put out is easy to both spot and read, so guests are not piling up behind it trying to figure out where they should go. You should also be sure to place table numbers that are easy to identify and read, as this can cut down on the time people spend looking for their seats.

An Event Coordinator Can Help Keep Your Event On Track

As the hosts and guests of honor, you and your partner will stay busy throughout your wedding day. Because of this, it can be difficult for you to respond when something requires correction. Having an event coordinator hired to help with your wedding day can put someone in charge of overseeing your event and responding when there are possible delays. This person can help keep your evening stress-free, and they can take away your sense of responsibility to handle issues that come up!

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