Is A Wedding Website Really Something We Should Create?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Your wedding invitations should provide guests with the most important information about your special day. In addition to listing the location, date, and time, you can include guidance on preferred attire to help make sure people have an idea of how formal your wedding will be. While these are certainly relevant details, there may be information you want to share with everyone that is better left out of your invitations. A wedding website can give couples a chance to share more information about their event, and it also provides them with space to communicate and share their story. This is not something that you are required to set up, though some of your guests may assume that you have one. While it can be helpful, be careful not to rely on it as your sole means of updating or communicating with your attendees.

A Wedding Website Is Not Mandatory

If you prefer to skip the wedding website, or if you lack time to create one, you can certainly let this part of your wedding planning slide. One thing to remember is that people often use the website as a central place to make communication with guests easier. Without it, you may need to rely more on friends and family to help share information you want all of your guests to have before your special day.

Benefits Of Having A Wedding Website

Your wedding website can give you a space to share links and information about your gift registry, post something about your story as a couple, and even help out of town guests find hotel accommodations. The space is also one you can use to publicly share your engagement photos. The website can also be beneficial as an extra location for your event details – most will not need it, but anyone who loses track of their invitation can appreciate this touch!

Don’t Assume That Everyone Is Going To See Updates On Your Website

While a wedding website can make communication easier, it is not something you can rely on for all of your updates. Your guests may do a poor job checking in on the website, so they can miss information. Others who are less tech-savvy can appreciate having an offline means of communication. It can be difficult to keep yourself open to questions from all of your guests at all times if you are planning a large wedding. To help, you can ask your family and wedding party members to do some of the communicating on your behalf.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Wonderful Space For Your Wedding Celebration

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