Keeping Guests Comfortable During An Outdoor Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

With the gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape surrounding your ceremony, you can be thrilled to plan an outdoor wedding at Texas Old Town. An outdoor setting can be ideal for many different wedding types, and it can impart a natural beauty to your event that can thrill couples and leave guests impressed. Of course, if you are thinking about planning an outdoor event, you may have some concerns about the weather on the day of your wedding. If you choose a date in the summer season, keeping guests cool will be a priority, while you may have questions about how to keep guests warm during a winter wedding. The right preparations can help you enjoy a great ceremony at any time of year!

Think About The Season As You Plan Your Wedding Ceremony

While the season is just one of many factors that can determine the “right” date for your wedding, it can be a priority if you want to celebrate in the summer or winter months. What might surprise you is that the choices that accommodate the weather can be surprisingly subtle. Something as simple as a relaxed dress code in the summer can help people feel more comfortable outdoors. With that in mind, remember that you are not the only one who should make preparations for your outdoor wedding. Let your guests know that the celebration will keep them outdoors so they can dress accordingly.

Keeping Guests Cool During A Summer Wedding

One thing you can do to help people stay cool is offer refreshments for guests when they arrive. For example, water and lemonade can be a welcome sight as people start to show up. You can also give people a little extra relief by creating wedding favors that help people with the weather. Personalized fans can be a fun gift to take away from an event, and they can be a welcome sight for guests concerned about the temperature.

Helping Guests Stay Warm At A Winter Wedding

Just as cool refreshments can make a summer wedding more comfortable, warm beverages can be well-received before a winter wedding begins. Winter weddings can work particularly well if you want to host a more formal event, as the attire can feature more layers. You may want to suggest layers to guests looking to dress warmly, so that people are comfortable at the ceremony as well as your indoor reception.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Great Setting For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

At Texas Old Town, happy couples can take advantage of our beautiful Texas Hill Country setting to enjoy a wonderful celebration! We also provide great amenities that make arranging and enjoying your wedding day easier. For more information, call Texas Old Town today at 512.396.1800!