Make Sure Your Guests Are Greeted Warmly Upon Arrival

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

While no one expects to see the bride before the wedding ceremony, your guests can reasonably expect some kind of greeting upon arrival at your event. At the very least, some form of welcome can assure everyone that they are in the right place, and let them know where to go. You may not be on hand to say hello to people when they show up, but you can put plans in place to make sure everyone is taken care of before your ceremony. Signage is helpful, but you can also count on ushers for your ceremony to guide guests and answer questions. If you host your wedding at a warmer or colder time of year, consider providing refreshments before the event to help everyone adjust to the weather.

Create Signage To Officially Welcome Your Guests

While you do not need to put out something elaborate, a sign to greet your guests is helpful. In addition to serving as a way of saying hello, the signage can reassure people that they are at the right place. You can include a special message for your guests, but simply stating the occasion is effective.

Should You Provide Pre-Wedding Refreshments?

Pre-wedding refreshments are not strictly necessary, but they can be well-received by the people in attendance. If your reception is taking place later in the evening, or if you have no plans for a cocktail hour in between your ceremony and wedding reception, a light snack or drink can tide people over until you serve a meal. If the weather is warmer or cooler, the right refreshments can make people more comfortable before everything begins. Lemonade and other drinks can go over well in the summertime, while coffee and hot cocoa can be appreciated during the winter months.

Your Ushers Can Serve As Greeters And Guides

In addition to helping people take their seats, the ushers for your wedding can provide an official greeting to guests when they first arrive. Ushers are also able to provide answers to questions about where gifts can be placed, or where the facilities are located. These may seem like small matters, but having someone on hand to answer questions can make it easier for you to take care of guests while still taking the time to prepare yourself for your event!

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