Planning And Practicing Your First Dance

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

While the first dance is a relatively small part of your wedding reception, it can be one of the more daunting moments you plan. Even after standing before everyone and exchanging vows, you can feel uneasy about sharing a dance in front of so many people. With some preparatory work, you can make sure this moment is a successful one. You are also free to keep the moment itself relatively simple, and traditional. Because Texas Old Town offers venue spaces at different sizes, you can be sure to find a spot that gives you ample space to share this moment, and to give your guests room to dance when it is over.

You Can Be As Creative Or Traditional As You Want With Your Dance

While some couples have created unique, memorable moments during the first dance, this does not have to be an elaborate or highly rehearsed moment. If you prefer, it can simply be you and your partner meeting to share a simple dance while a cherished song plays. You are also welcome to have fun with this moment if you are less interested in a traditional exchange. The goal is to make sure the moment fits your evening, not to wow everyone in attendance with your moves.

Selecting The Right Song For Your Dance

When you select your DJ or live band for your wedding, make sure they know what song you want to play. If you are choosing a cover of a certain song (or if several covers exist), be clear about what version you want. Consider selecting a piece that fits with your overall event – for example, if your event is more formal, a traditional or classic piece can feel correct. With that said, if you want to dance to a song that has meaning for you and your partner, your personal connection can be more important than maintaining the tone of your event.

You Don’t Have To Be Flawless, But Make Sure You Feel Comfortable During Your Dance

Even the simplest dance should be rehearsed before your reception. Your guests are not going to judge you for a few missteps, but the practice can make you more comfortable, and more confident. That confidence can give you the freedom to really be in the moment with your partner, and less concerned with what people are seeing as you move around.

You Can Dance In A Beautiful Wedding Space Provided By Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town is able to provide couples beautiful spaces for their wedding ceremony and reception events! In addition to providing you a lovely space in Texas Hill Country, we are able to offer amenities that can make your day easier to enjoy. To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, you can call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.