Should We Provide Wedding Programs For Our Guests?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While many couples choose to provide wedding programs for their guests, they are not something you are obligated to create. If you have a smaller or more casual wedding event planned, it may feel like a needless gesture. However, you may find that you are attracted to the idea of creating a record of your special day that you can share with the people on hand. The program itself does not have to be complicated or overly detailed, but you can use it to give people an idea of what to expect if you have less common events planned for your celebration.

What You Gain From Providing Wedding Programs

Your wedding programs can give people an idea of what is planned for your event. If you are honoring specific religious or family traditions during your event, the program can give people information on them. Of course, the program is more than just a way of sharing information. In addition to giving out party favors, your program can be something you offer guests that they can hold onto as a record of your event.

Designing The Program For Your Event

While you do not want to have large blocks of text in your programs, you can spare some space to share information about passages read during your ceremony, the music choice for your first dance, and more. You can keep the visual look of your programs simple, and look at your invitations for design inspiration. While you can feature pictures of yourselves on the program, this is not strictly necessary. With that said, this is another chance to make use of your engagement photos!

Creating A Visual Welcome Board As An Alternative To A Program

Instead of designing and printing programs for all of your guests, you can put out a welcome sign that shares some details about your event. This arrangement can leave you with less space to describe the different moments in your wedding that you have planned, but it can give people a general idea of what to expect over the course of your celebration. This can serve as a less wasteful option, and you will not have to worry about picking up leftover programs, or programs left behind by some of your guests.

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