Should We Set Up A Sweetheart Table For Our Reception?

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

As you plan out your reception area, and create your seating chart, you will need to think about where you and your partner are going to sit during the event. Many couples choose to create a special table to themselves, known as a sweetheart table, where they can sit for the reception. This creates a distinct space for the two of you, and it can be a good decorative addition to your overall reception area. It also gives you and your partner the space to have private conversations at an event where you will be in demand. While the sweetheart table is not mandatory, the right space and decorative touches can make you grateful for having it at your wedding.

Why Set Up A Sweetheart Table?

Your wedding may be a celebration of your union with your partner, but the event itself can be largely about you and everyone in attendance. People will understandably want to congratulate you, and you will have roles to play in a number of traditional moments during the reception. As a result, it may be hard to find time to bond over the experience together. One benefit to the sweetheart table is it gives you a space to be apart from everyone and simply enjoy each other’s company. On a more practical level, many people find that separating the bride and groom will be easier than figuring out who should join you at a group table.

Placing And Decorating The Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is an important space, and you should consider decorating it in a way that sets it apart from other tables at the reception. Switching out the standard centerpiece and runner or tablecloth is recommended. Of course, while the decorations should be distinct, you should still take care to be consistent with your wedding colors and overall wedding theme.

Alternatives To A Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is one way to place the bride and groom, but it is certainly not the only way. You can set up a banquet-style table for yourselves and your wedding party members, or (if everyone will fit) do the same for a rounded table. You can also choose to sit at a table of honor with your respective parents.

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