Take Advantage Of Small Opportunities To Spoil Your Guests

Professional Photo By: Rooted Trumpet Photography

Even if your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of your union, it also creates a chance for you to celebrate the many people in your shared lives. Putting together an entertaining ceremony and reception can be challenging, but the right touches can ensure that your day is a beautiful and memorable one. As you work out the details of your event, it can be easy to lose sight of small details as you work out larger questions about what to serve at your reception, who to invite, and what your event’s theme should be. These matters are important, but remember that small gestures can be warmly received, and improve everyone’s overall experience at your wedding!

Look Beyond Cake For Your Dessert Options

The wedding cake is a classic dessert, and people will be on the lookout for yours when the reception begins. While a tiered cake can be a lovely feature, it does not have to be your sole contribution to dessert! Consider including a groom’s cake for your event, or setting up a table with an array of dessert options. This can offer up variety, and make people more comfortable with seconds for sweets!

Provide Wedding Favors For Your Guests

Wedding favors are commonly given out to guests, and they offer multiple benefits. Favors tend to be small, but the gesture itself shows that you appreciate everyone in attendance. You can even personalize gifts so that they commemorate your wedding event. If you have a summer wedding planned, you can actually help people feel comfortable by offering fans as favors.

Create A “Cocktail Hour” Between Your Ceremony And Reception

In between your wedding ceremony and reception, guests will have to wait for you to complete group and couple photos. This period of time can sometimes feel awkward, but it does not have to lead to an uncomfortable stretch. Planning out a “cocktail hour” between these events can make the time feel thought out, and it can ensure people have refreshments to tide them over until they eat. Typically, the items served at this period will be smaller, as you want to avoid spoiling any appetites before your reception dinner begins.

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