Things To Consider If You Plan On Taking First Look Photos

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

You can certainly pass on first look photos, and save all of your planned pictures for the time between your wedding ceremony and reception. Many people choose this option because they want to save the sight of the bride in her gown for the ceremony itself, or because they are not concerned about the time needed for the photos. However, many other couples have found that first look photos make for terrific images, and also help them start their reception on time. Texas Old Town provides great spaces for engagement photos and proposal pictures, as well as bridal portraits – if you plan on taking first look photos, you can certainly find an ideal backdrop for them. To make the most of these photos, work out a spot for pictures in advance, and make sure you and your partner are ready with enough time to capture plenty of images.

Make Sure You And Your Partner Are Ready In Time To Take Pictures

It may seem obvious, but it is important to adjust your time frame for dressing if you want to take first look photos. Without fitting first look photos into your schedule, it can be easy to lose track of time and have to rush to take them, or cancel them at the last moment. Texas Old Town can make preparations easier for couples, as we offer suites for both the bridal party and groom’s party, and also provide you with sixteen hours of access to your venue space.

Look For The Right Spot Before You Take Pictures

Rather than take the time to seek out a spot for your first look photos as you are about to take them, make time to single out where you want pictures with time to spare. You can do this when you first arrive on your wedding day, or even use a venue tour as an opportunity to look for spaces you love. If you take bridal portraits or engagement photos with us, you can revisit a space you used previously to create a sense of continuity with your pictures.

Remember That You Still Have Family Photos To Take Before Your Reception

While first look photos can shorten your time between the ceremony and reception, there are still family photos and pictures with your wedding party members for you to take. With that in mind, be sure to plan for the time your guests spend waiting. An informal cocktail hour can give people access to light refreshments to tide them over before the reception begins.

Texas Old Town Provides A Beautiful Location For Your Wedding!

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