Tips To Help You Craft Your Personal Wedding Vows

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When it comes time to say “I do” at your wedding ceremony, you will have time to share your love with your guests by reciting vows. Many couples have chosen to abandon traditional vows in favor of words they crafted themselves. This can be beneficial to people who see less of themselves in traditional vows, and for those who just want to make these words as personal as possible. Of course, if you are not used to writing or speaking in public, the idea of crafting your vows can be a scary one! While this is certainly something you want to do well, remember that your guests are looking for you to say something personal, and not judging you on the quality of what you recite.

Choosing To Recite Custom Vows

By choosing custom vows over traditional words, you can take the time to express yourself in a meaningful way. You can share specifics about what makes you so happy to be with your partner, share the story of your relationship, and (if you are comfortable doing so) injecting humor into this moment. One thing to remember is that your vows should be as succinct as possible. Your relationship can have a long and rich history, but going into too much detail can drag out your ceremony.

Start Writing When You Still Have Time To Rehearse Your Vows

Even if you are comfortable with public speaking, your time at the altar can feel different from other experiences where you have gone before an audience. Because of this, rehearsing your vows is recommended. What this means is that you should take the time to start working on them with enough time to make revisions and practice. At the latest, you should have several weeks where your words are finalized and you can simply practice what you intend to say.

Do I Have To Memorize What I Want To Say?

You are not expected to memorize your vows. In fact, you can even bring up cards that have a record of what you want to say. None of your guests will judge you for having everything written. Even if you do have everything memorized, bringing cards can be a good idea. If the emotion of the moment affects your concentration, you can check them to regain your train of thought.

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