Month: March 2020

Tips To Help Couples Prepare For Their First Dance

You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding, but some moments during your event may feel more nerve-racking than others. Your ceremony can feel like a daunting moment, particularly if you exchange your own vows. However, your reception puts you in the spotlight in a big way during your first… Read more »

Creating The Right Atmosphere For An Outdoor Ceremony

When it comes to securing the right location for your wedding, you may find that an outdoor space is ideally suited to your vision for your event. A celebration held in nature can be perfect for a rustic or laid-back affair, but these spaces can also work for a more formal event that you want… Read more »

Dessert Ideas To Help You End Your Wedding On A Sweet Note

Even though dessert tends to be a part of your wedding night’s end, it is something that guests can look forward to throughout your celebration. Because the tiered wedding cake is such a staple of the wedding reception, you can present them with something appetizing from the moment they find their dinner tables. While some… Read more »

Why Do Brides Create Wedding Day First Aid Kits?

When it comes to preparing for a successful wedding day, anticipating small inconveniences can be important. To prepare for the unexpected, many brides will create their own wedding day first aid kit. This is not strictly for first aid supplies, though band-aids and aspirin can be smart addition to your kit! You can keep materials… Read more »

How Do I Choose Between Artificial And Real Flowers?

While you may feel that real flowers are the only kind that are appropriate for wedding decorations, you may be surprised at the benefits of selecting artificial flowers for at least some of your pieces. If you plan to create DIY wedding decorations, artificial flowers can make the process easier simply because you do not… Read more »

Tips To Help You Capture Important Images From Your Wedding

Your wedding is just one day, but you can hold onto your memories of it for a lifetime. Your wedding photographs will help you retain those memories, and they can create beautiful images that you can use to decorate the home you build with your partner. Among the different vendors you hire for your wedding,… Read more »

3 Options To Make Wedding Planning Easier

Adding wedding planning to an already busy life can seem like an easy recipe for stress, but many couples find themselves juggling these new challenges with their current responsibilities. If you have feelings of uncertainty around wedding obligations, the first thing you should do is remember that you are not alone. You may be surprised… Read more »

Make Sure You Avoid These Wedding Budgeting Mistakes

Making a decision on the budget for your wedding may not be fun, and it could even provoke some awkward discussions with your partner. With that said, it is important to set a ceiling on what you can afford to pay for your special day. The setting of your wedding budget is one of the… Read more »

3 Important Early Decisions To Make While Wedding Planning

No matter how long or short your engagement period might be, there are a few decisions about your wedding you should make early. These choices can help you eliminate a lot of questions and options you might have to explore, and they can help you communicate about what people should expect from your event. The… Read more »

Why Do Couples Send Save-The-Date Cards?

Why do couples often send out save-the-date cards before ultimately sending out formal wedding invitations? Though their purposes may seem similar, they can play different roles when communicating with guests. Your save-the-date cards can be sent out relatively early, even before all of your plans for your wedding event are set. Instead of giving everyone… Read more »