3 Important Early Decisions To Make While Wedding Planning

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

No matter how long or short your engagement period might be, there are a few decisions about your wedding you should make early. These choices can help you eliminate a lot of questions and options you might have to explore, and they can help you communicate about what people should expect from your event. The good news is that most of these choices can be amended if absolutely necessary. You can be understandably excited to be engaged, and eager to bring your dream wedding to life. Moving quickly to put important matters in place at the start of your engagement period can make life easier for you as you near your event date.

1. Set A Budget For Your Celebration

Even if you do not have the budget set to the dollar, have a clear idea of how much you can spend for your wedding. When you decide on your budget, focus less on what you want to spend and more on what you can truly afford without creating hardships in your life. If you have already set aside money for the occasion, it can be easier to land on an amount. If you have not, talk with your partner and determine how much the two of you are capable of putting into planning. You can also speak with your respective parents and find out what support, if any, they might be able to provide.

2. Select A Best Man And Maid Or Matron Of Honor

While you can give yourself a little time to decide on your full wedding party, and how many people should be in it, you should choose your best man and maid or matron of honor early. Because these roles are typically filled by people who are particularly close to you, this can be a relatively easy decision. If you have someone in mind even before you are engaged, you can ask them at the same time you let them know about your engagement.

3. Decide On The Right Season For Your Celebration

Some couples have an exact date in mind for their wedding, while others are less committed to a specific time. If you are not sure about your specific date, you should at least think about the right season for your celebration. The season you choose can affect what flowers are in bloom, what wedding colors work best for your event, and even what refreshments people might want. You should know fall and winter wedding dates can be less in-demand, which can make it easier to find wedding vendors.

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