3 Tips To Help You Plan A Wedding With A Long Guest List

Professional Photo By: Bellagala

If you intend to host a larger wedding, there are certain matters that you should be prepared to address. One is that with more people in attendance, your budget will have to go up in order to cover the full costs of your dinner, beverages, and cake. While some couples are uncomfortable hosting an event with a longer guest list, sending out more invitations does have some appealing benefits. One is that you have the space to welcome more people, which means more friends and family will be on hand to congratulate you and your partner. Another is that your event can feel more lively with more people around to help you celebrate. We offer couples access to multiple spaces at our Texas Hill Country wedding venue, including a venue space designed for bigger wedding events!

1. Hire An Event Planner Or Coordinator To Keep Your Special Day On Track

With so many people at your event, you may find it hard to stay on track with the different aspects of your wedding. At your reception in particular, timing matters – if certain events start late early on, it may be hard to enjoy every part of your evening that you plan. With an event coordinator or planner hired to help keep your wedding running smoothly, you can avoid these delays, which can give you the time to really enjoy different traditions like your cake cutting, your bouquet toss, and more.

2. Create A Seating Chart For Your Reception

For smaller wedding gatherings, it can be relatively easy to do away with the seating chart. However, if you have a larger gathering it can be less complicated to simply give everyone an assigned place to sit. Make sure that the chart you create is easy to read, and that people are able to read their place settings without difficulty in order to avoid delays at the start of your reception. In addition to helping you keep your event on track, having a seating chart can allow you to serve plated meals, rather than having everyone serve themselves.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes After Your Ceremony Is Over

You may have a limited time to interact with your guests during your reception, but it is customary to at least greet everyone. You would be right to assume this means a good deal of walking around for you and your partner, something you may be less than eager to do in uncomfortable heels. If the shoes you select for your ceremony seem poorly suited to more walking, consider switching them with a more comfortable pair before your reception begins!

Texas Old Town Is Ready To Accommodate A Wedding With A Long Guest List

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