Choosing A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Matt Montalvo Photography

The people you select to stand with you as bridesmaids will be people you feel particularly close to; in many cases, they will be people you have known for much of your life. While it may be difficult to narrow down your choices, you probably had an idea of who you would want with you at the altar even before your were engaged. Choosing a ring bearer and flower girl for your wedding can be more difficult. Some couples will have age-appropriate family members that they can use, or the child of a bridesmaid or groomsman could be available. If you lack these options – or if you have too many people who fit these standards – the choice can be a challenge.

Do I Need To Include People In The Traditional Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Roles?

Remember that you can certainly choose to do without anyone in the ring bearer and flower girl roles. In fact, if you plan to host a child-free wedding, it would feel out of place to have kids in these positions. You should also know that if you have several kids you could use, there is nothing wrong with creating a miniature procession of kids in one or both of these roles.

Make Sure The Kids You Choose Are Old Enough To Follow Instructions

It may seem like a relatively small part of your ceremony to you, but small children can have a harder time understanding their role as ring bearer or flower girl. Make sure that the kids you ask to join you are comfortable in their positions, and that they will have an easy time traveling down the aisle. If you have your doubts, you can ask their parents if they feel their kids would be comfortable in a position for your wedding.

Show Your Thanks To The Ring Bearer And Flower Girl (And Their Parents)

It is common for couples to give small gifts to their ring bearer and flower girl as a thank-you for participating in your wedding. You can choose a general gift, make part of their wedding attire your gift, or create a special commemorative item for them. If you ask parents who are not already slotted into a wedding role, it would be appropriate to welcome them at your rehearsal dinner. Of course, if the parents of your ring bearer and flower girl are already in your wedding party, they can obviously already be a part of pre-wedding gatherings.

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