How Can I Make Sure My Wedding Rehearsal Is A Success?

Professional Photo By: Creatrix Photography

Few experiences in your life can be as meaningful or as exciting as standing with your partner at the altar during your wedding ceremony. While the ceremony itself is hardly the only event that will take place during your celebration, it is the moment that formally celebrates your union with the person you love. With that in mind, you can be understandably invested in making sure that the ceremony is a success, which is why couples will arrange a wedding rehearsal before the actual event. While your rehearsal is a nice excuse to bring everyone together one last time before the wedding day, it plays an important role in preparing you for your walk down the aisle. Because of this, you should put time and effort into making sure the practice is a success! Texas Old Town can help you enjoy a fun and useful rehearsal by giving you access to our venue space for your rehearsal dinner, which can make arranging the entire evening easier for you.

Make Sure Everyone In Your Wedding Party Is Present For Your Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal tends to take place the evening before your wedding day. The timing is important for several reasons. Obviously you want people to remember different aspects of the wedding procession, but you also want to make attending the rehearsal as convenient as possible. Placing the event close to the day itself makes it easier for people to attend even if they are traveling to be in attendance. While life can sometimes interfere and keep a well-meaning bridesmaid or groomsman away from your rehearsal, you should feel comfortable encouraging everyone to make this a priority.

 Give Yourself Time To Run Through The Ceremony Several Times

Because you can host your rehearsal dinner at Texas Old Town, you can spend more time working through the ceremony as you will not have to worry about traveling from our location to a new spot. You should make effective use of this time and give yourself multiple practice runs with your ceremony. Doing so helps people remember where they will stand in your procession, and it helps people feel more confident that they will be able to go through with their role without mistakes.

Play Music With Your Walkthrough

You certainly do not need to call in your musicians or DJ a day early to play at your rehearsal, but you should have some kind of music playing while you practice! A procession is typically timed to a music cue, and having audio to represent those cues can make the practice feel more like the event itself.

You Can Host Your Wedding Rehearsal And Dinner At Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town is excited to provide a beautiful wedding space for couples who want to say “I do” while surrounded by beautiful Texas Hill Country. You can enjoy a lovely location as well as venue support, as we offer generous amenities and access to our venue for your rehearsal dinner. To find out more about us, or to plan a tour of our Kyle, TX wedding venue, please fill out our online form or call us at 512.396.1800!