Relying On Your Wedding Party For Pre-Wedding Support

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

The people you choose to include in your wedding party will, of course, be people with whom you feel close. Asking someone to stand beside you as a bridesmaid or a groomsman shows that person just how much you value and trust them. With that said, it also implicitly asks that person to go above and beyond what would be asked of them if they were just attending your wedding event as a guest. While different couples can ask different things of your wedding party, there are certain key aspects of being a bridesmaid or groomsman that people should be prepared to handle. Attending pre-wedding events is important, and so is being available for your wedding rehearsal. In some cases, couples may look to their wedding party to take on other matters related to planning and celebrating on their special day.

Your Wedding Party Will Be Present For Important Events Before The Wedding

While you can certainly choose to have wedding party members who do not live near you, remember that the people you invite to stand at the altar are expected to attend at least some pre-wedding gatherings. If you ask someone who has to travel to be in attendance, you should be prepared to have them miss something like the bridal shower, which tends to occur several months before your event. Celebrations like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as the rehearsal, tend to be close enough to the wedding date that you can safely expect them to attend.

Should You Ask Your Wedding Party Members To Help With DIY Decorations?

If you plan on hosting a rustic wedding, or one that relies on your creativity for its look, you may take on several DIY wedding projects. While you can certainly ask your wedding party members to pitch in with the crafting you engage in before your event, you should not commit to a project if you are not able to complete it without their help. Because this is not a common part of the pre-wedding activities, people may be unprepared to join in. Others may simply lack the crafting skills to feel they can help.

Showing Everyone In Your Wedding Party How Much They Mean To You

Even if they are small, gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen can be appreciated. In addition to giving you their time before your wedding day, they commit to purchasing select outfits for your event, and often stick around to help break down decorations. Your gift does not have to be expensive, but consider something personalized or thoughtful enough to feel connected to your wedding.

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