Things To Consider When Decorating Your Aisle Space

Professional Photo By: Eureka Photography

When the bride makes her appearance, the eyes of everyone in attendance tend to be on her. Your walk down the aisle is one of the loveliest moments of the entire wedding, and a great opportunity to create memorable photographs. It is also a reason to think about the look of your aisle. With the beautiful outdoor settings provided by our different venue spaces, Texas Old Town makes it easy to host a gorgeous wedding ceremony. With that said, the right decorations help make the space feel like it is just for you. The aisle itself may need few additions, but the right runner or pieces at its borders can make your walk to the altar feel absolutely magical!

Your Outdoor Setting Can Create A Great Atmosphere For Your Ceremony

One reason to think about hosting an outdoor ceremony is that it gives you access to the beauty of nature for your event. This can be ideal for someone who wants to host a rustic wedding, or someone who wants to put an enchanting spin on a more traditional affair. On a practical level, it reduces your need for elaborate decorations. It is hard to compete with the splendor of Texas Hill Country. With this in mind, look for pieces that are intended to complement the space.

Adding Decorations That Border Your Aisle

Adding pieces to the ends of seats at either side of the aisle allows you to frame this space with lovely pieces. One thing to keep in mind when looking for the right pieces is that their size can be a problem for you. If they are too large, they may feel awkward for people in these seats. They may also feel like they are limiting how much space people have to move in as they walk as part of their procession.

Create Consistency Between Your Aisle And Your Altar Space

When you add decorations to your aisle, think about how they might pair with your altar space. You should create a sense of consistency between these areas, as it may feel odd to see pieces that clash because of contrasting colors or different designs. As with all of your decorations, let your choice of wedding colors for your event guide your choices. One exception to note is that you can certainly have subtler decorations for your aisle, but something more elaborate for your altar.

Enjoy A Stunning Ceremony Space At Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town is proud to provide a stunning outdoor landscape for couples who are ready to walk down the aisle! In addition to great outdoor settings, we provide generous indoor spaces and impressive amenities so that you can make the most of your wedding ceremony and reception with us! To take a tour of our Kyle, TX venue, please complete our online form or call us today at 512.396.1800!