Tips For Remaining Comfortable Throughout Your Wedding Day

Professional Photo By: Holly Marie Photography

After so much time spent planning the event, it may feel as though your actual wedding event glides by. This feeling can be hard to avoid, as your special day is dwarfed by the months you commit to making it happen. With that said, the day may feel long at times if you find yourself spending too much time in uncomfortable footwear, or if little problems arise with no easy solutions present. As part of your planning effort, take the time to look for measures you can implement to make your wedding day easier and more comfortable for yourself. Something as simple as a change in footwear between your ceremony and reception can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your wedding day!

The Right Space Can Make Dressing For The Wedding Easier

┬áThe time and effort you give to preparing for your wedding day can take more of a toll than you anticipate. If the experience leads to frustration, it can affect your mood at the start of your ceremony. As part of the standard amenities that Texas Old Town provides, both the bridal party and the groom’s party will have a special suite for dressing. With our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can also secure professional help to set up decorations, which gives you more time to worry about dressing, and having your hair and makeup done.

Consider Changing Footwear Between Your Ceremony And Reception

The perfect shoes for your walk down the aisle may not be a pair you want to wear for the entire night. You are certainly allowed to make a discreet switch between one set of shoes and another before your reception begins. By doing so, you can make your first dance more comfortable, and you can have an easier time making the rounds and thanking everyone for their attendance. While these shoes can be selected for their comfort over their visual style, look for something with the same heel height, as a change can affect the look of your dress.

Set Up A Bridal Emergency Kit

Small problems with allergies, a headache, or a slight tear in your dress can be easily addressed when you have a bridal emergency kit! The kit contains the different materials you might need in order to respond quickly and quietly to any issues that might affect your spirits on your wedding day. While its contents can vary based on your needs and concerns, its presence should give you a little more peace of mind before you walk down the aisle.

Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town can provide loving couples with a lovely space to exchange vows! In addition to beautiful Texas Hill Country ceremony settings, we can provide great indoor spaces for receptions as well as supportive amenities! To find out more, or to set up a tour, call Texas Old Town today at 512.396.1800 or use our online contact form!