Tips To Help Couples Prepare For Their First Dance

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding, but some moments during your event may feel more nerve-racking than others. Your ceremony can feel like a daunting moment, particularly if you exchange your own vows. However, your reception puts you in the spotlight in a big way during your first dance. This part of your reception, along with the dances you share with parents, is a popular wedding tradition. It is also often seen as a chance for some couples to wow everyone in attendance with elaborate or cleverly choreographed moves. How much time and energy should you invest in your dance? Will people expect more than something traditional? Ultimately, the “right” dance is one that feels most like it fits you and your partner. However, you may want to put a little time into practicing so that you can give your guests something that surprises and delights them!

How Important Is Our First Dance?

Ultimately, your wedding is about your relationship, not your skills on the dance floor. In other words, your union will not be revoked because of a poor showing at your first dance! With that said, this is one of the first formal events during your wedding reception, and it can help set the tone for your evening. Your performance does not have to be elaborate, but you should put time into practicing whatever you plan to do during this moment.

Be Mindful Of Your Limits When It Comes To Planning A Dance

While the occasional flourish is encouraged, and practice can help you master a move that might be tough to pull off, be mindful of your limits. This means being conscious of your physical limitations, but also the limits imposed by your wedding attire! You and your partner will likely feel a little restricted in your formal wear. Take this into account as you rehearse, and as you work out what you want to do with this moment.

Make The Most Of Opening Your Dance Floor To Everyone

No matter how good or poor your performance on the dance floor might be, your guests will hardly remember each step. With that said, you might want to plan a bigger gesture at the end of your dances, when it is time to bring everyone out to celebrate. This can be easier if you hire a DJ or live band for your reception, as they can help you announce the transition to opening up the dance floor to everyone.

Couples Can Have A Wonderful Time At Their Texas Old Town Wedding!

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