Tips To Help You Capture Important Images From Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Eureka Photography

Your wedding is just one day, but you can hold onto your memories of it for a lifetime. Your wedding photographs will help you retain those memories, and they can create beautiful images that you can use to decorate the home you build with your partner. Among the different vendors you hire for your wedding, the photographer you choose can be particularly important. They are responsible for capturing the images you truly want while also making sure these pictures look amazing. With our Texas Hill Country settings, a celebration at Texas Old Town can produce absolutely stunning images. Many couples have also used our location for engagement and proposal photos.

Consider Posing For First Look Photographs

While there are plenty of moments where you and your partner will stand together, first look photos give your photographer time to take a series of pictures with just the two of you. These photos can be an important part of your wedding book, and they can be perfect for framing. Some couples prefer not to take these pictures because they want to save the first look for when the bride begins her walk down the aisle. However, the trade-off when taking first look photos is carefully planned pictures that preserve the moment of the first look!

Your Staged Photos With Wedding Party And Family Members Can Be Well Worth Preserving

The time between a wedding ceremony and reception tend to be spent on staged group photos. You can have your pictures taken with your wedding party members, and you can arrange to have photos with your respective families. Like your couple photos, these pictures can be an important part of your collection. It can also be a lovely way to preserve pictures with everyone together.

Make Sure Your Guests Let The Photographer Handle Pictures At Your Ceremony

You can safely expect guests to have their phones out in order to capture pictures and videos throughout your celebration. You can encourage this during your reception – many couples create a special hashtag so they can easily find shared posts later. With that said, it is fair to ask people to leave their phones down during the ceremony. This can ensure that your photographer has an easier time capturing the images they want, and it avoids problems with people blocking the views of people behind them.

Texas Old Town Provides A Picturesque Setting For Weddings!

With our picturesque Texas Hill Country landscapes, Texas Old Town is proud to provide couples with a wonderful wedding space! In addition to maintaining a lovely environment, we can provide amenities that make planning an event easier for you. If you would like to learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, we can be reached at 512.396.1800, or you can contact us through our online form.