What Role Should Parents Play In Wedding Planning?

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Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of the bond formed between you and your partner, and it gives you an opportunity to bring your families together. While extended family members tend to be present for the celebration itself, and at least some pre-wedding activities, your respective parents can be more deeply embedded in the wedding planning experience. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to know just how much input they should have, and what you should do if you have disagreements. One thing you should do is take time early on to talk about what your parents feel their roles should be, and what areas you might want help with. Remember that if your parents are helping with the cost of your event, they can reasonably ask for some input into the occasion.

Many Couples Rely On Some Support From Their Parents While Planning Their Wedding

In the past, it was assumed that the bride’s parents were going to pay for the wedding. While this tradition is acknowledged less often today, parents of the bride and groom often still provide some contributions. If your parents are helping you with wedding costs, it is hard to argue against letting them make requests regarding your event. With that said, if something is important to you, make sure you bring it up early and explain why it is meaningful. One way to avoid conflicts later in the planning process is to set important boundaries and communicate your vision for what you want your wedding to be.

Making Compromises With Your Guest List

Your parents may have friends and relatives they want in attendance. If you have not talked with them about this, be careful about finalizing your guest list. Sending out invitations, then finding out you have more people you need to welcome, can lead to budget concerns and the need to hastily communicate with your wedding vendors! Be prepared to give them some space on the guest list, but do not feel as though they can cast aside people who are important to you for the sake of space on the guest list.

Honoring Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

There are several key moments that help you show love and respect to your parents on your wedding day. The first is during the ceremony procession, which will prominently feature their arrival. The bride and groom can each dance with their parent at the reception before formally opening the dance floor. If you would like to say or do more for them, consider making space in a wedding ceremony program.

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