Why Do Couples Send Save-The-Date Cards?

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Why do couples often send out save-the-date cards before ultimately sending out formal wedding invitations? Though their purposes may seem similar, they can play different roles when communicating with guests. Your save-the-date cards can be sent out relatively early, even before all of your plans for your wedding event are set. Instead of giving everyone all of the necessary details, you can simply help them plan to be in attendance by sharing the city and date of your event. This is not always necessary, particularly for couples who have shorter engagement periods. However, it can be smart to utilize them when you have a longer engagement planned, as well as if you have many guests who will have to travel to be at your celebration.

Save-The-Dates Are NOT The Same As Wedding Invitations

So if a save-the-date is different from a traditional wedding invitation, what sets the two cards apart? The short answer is that your save-the-dates do not need to provide as much information as your invitations. As long as what you send includes your proposed wedding date, and the city where you are planning your service, you have enough detail. The purpose of the save-the-date is to give your guests plenty of warning that they should be free on your chosen date. For those who do not live in your area, it also alerts them that they will need to plan on traveling to be in attendance. Your wedding invitations will provide more information, as you will share the event location, time, and preferred attire.

Can I Skip Out On Sending Save-The-Dates?

If you want to keep your formal engagement period short, you may not require save-the-date cards at all. One reason couples are advised against simply sending out official invitations early is that you run the risk of having guests forget that they have your event on their calendar. However, if you want to host your celebration after an engagement period of less than a year, there may not be enough time for them to actually forget!

Make Sure People Have Your Event Information Available

Even if your save-the-dates are light on information, you want to make sure that your guests ultimately have all of the details that they require well before your wedding. When you send your invitations, you can share the official information about the event, let people know how they can RSVP, and even include a reference to your wedding website. The wedding website gives you space to share more relevant information – you can include links for your wedding registry, let people know if your wedding is to be child-free, and even include a page to answer any questions that have arisen frequently during your engagement period.

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