Month: April 2020

Fun Surprises You Can Plan For Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception can be as traditional or unconventional as you choose. With that said, it can be hard to resist the temptation to provide a few surprises for your guests even if you have more conservative ideas about what your experience should be. You may want to put fun spins on popular traditions, or… Read more »

Will We Have Time To Put Out Our Wedding Decorations?

While advanced preparations can make your wedding day considerably easier, you can count on the hours leading to your ceremony to be packed with activities. One challenge couples face when deciding on how they want their ceremony and reception spaces to look will be finding the time to put everything out before guests arrive. As… Read more »

Picking Wedding Attire When You Expect Warm Weather

When it comes to matters of wedding attire, couples have to select more than just they wear for their walk down the aisle. You and your partner will be tasked with selecting what the members of your wedding party will wear, too. For the groomsmen, attire will typically be a close match to what the… Read more »

Setting A Place At The Reception For The Bride And Groom

The bride and groom will typically share a place of honor during the wedding reception. As you work out the details of your event, it is up to you and your partner to decide where that place might be located in your seating arrangement, and how it should be decorated to set it apart from… Read more »

Make The Most Of Your Time During Your Wedding Rehearsal

If you want your wedding ceremony to live up to your expectations, make sure you take full advantage of your rehearsal time. During your wedding rehearsal, you can have all of the people with roles to fulfill at your ceremony present to learn what is expected of them. Even if their task is simple, practice… Read more »

Should We Stick With Family Traditions Or Do Something New?

Some people enter their engagement period with a clearer idea of what they want for their wedding than others. With that said, knowing what you want may not settle all of the questions around what you should do on your wedding day. Couples who want to move away from tradition sometimes enter conflicts with family… Read more »

Tips For Couples Who Want To Host A Smaller Wedding Event

For many couples, the ideal wedding experience is one that features a smaller turnout. Choosing to keep your guest list small can do more than just help you lower your event costs. Taking more care in selecting who you want in attendance can limit your event to people you feel especially close to, and it… Read more »

Communicating Effectively Through A Wedding Website

Because they allow you to share your engagement photos, talk about your relationship, and relay helpful information, you can be interested in setting up a wedding website. While some couples do more with the site they create than others, it is hard to argue against the benefits of a digital presence. Of course, the act… Read more »

Asking For The Right Gifts From Your Wedding Guests

The items you tend to find on a “typical” wedding registry can help a happy couple begin a life together. You can request the kinds of practical items that help you set up a bathroom, or equip your kitchen with appliances that help you make meals. Of course, some people have less need for these… Read more »

Should We Go With Traditional Vows, Or Something Personal?

Traditional wedding vows have been used in countless ceremonies, giving them a long and rich history. While some people want to include that history in their wedding day, other couples choose to share a personal alternative to these vows. By crafting your own words to recite at the altar, you can take a moment to… Read more »