3 Things You Can Do Right After Becoming Engaged

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Different couples will decide on different lengths of time for their engagement period. While some will prefer to start working on wedding plans right away, others choose to hang back and feel the excitement of their commitment before looking into organizing an event. No matter how long or short this period will be, there are certain things you can do right after becoming engaged that can help you in the long run. One thing you should try to do is work to determine what you and your partner feel might be appropriate when it comes to how large your wedding should be, and how elaborate. Deciding on these matters can help you determine how far out your date should be, and how much you will need to commit to making the event happen.

1. Figure Out What Time Of Year Would Work Best For Your Wedding

Spring and summer weddings can enjoy abundant sunshine and warmth, while fall or winter weddings can be great for more formal and reserved affairs. The weather outside can also help influence what guests will wear to your event, particularly when you are planning an outdoor wedding. Of course, your decision can also be influenced by personal factors – for instance, you may want to set the date to match the anniversary of your first date.

2. Think About How Formal Or Casual Your Event Should Be

Do you envision yourself in a fancy gown, surrounded by elaborate ornate decorations and guests in formal attire? Would you prefer to have a smaller, more intimate affair where everyone can feel more relaxed? The decision to make your event more formal, or to host a more casual event, can impact everything from your budget to your guest list. The sooner you have a commitment on what your event should look like, the sooner you can start working out details like your wedding colors, or your ideal wedding budget.

3. Start Sharing The Good News!

No matter how close or far away your wedding might be, you can feel free to start sharing the good news about your engagement with friends and family. While you do not need to hold on to the news for too long, you should make time to talk to relatives and close friends directly before making a public announcement on social media. Becoming engaged is an exciting milestone, and you should allow yourself to enjoy it (and the congratulations from the people in your life) once you and your partner make a commitment to each other.

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