Asking For The Right Gifts From Your Wedding Guests

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The items you tend to find on a “typical” wedding registry can help a happy couple begin a life together. You can request the kinds of practical items that help you set up a bathroom, or equip your kitchen with appliances that help you make meals. Of course, some people have less need for these practical items, and others may feel uncomfortable asking for gifts at all. If you find yourself less than excited to have a traditional wedding registry, there are other ideas you can pursue. You can ask for gifts that help you with your honeymoon, or you can select a charity (or charities) people can donate to on your behalf. Whatever you choose, make sure you let your guests know about your preference for gifts.

Should You Stick With A Traditional Wedding Registry?

Even if you and your partner already live together, your wedding registry can be a good way to pick up higher-quality appliances and gifts to replace older or cheaper items in your home. It can also be a good way to set yourself up if the two of you are still missing certain pieces of what you consider to be essential to a living space. With that said, you do not have to feel as though you need to talk yourself into a traditional registry, just as you should not feel obliged to host a “traditional” wedding ceremony.

Asking For Donations Instead Of Traditional Gifts

While it might seem easy enough to ask that your guests not bring gifts, this may lead to confusion. It can also be disappointing to people who see their gift as a chance to help you celebrate your union. A couple who has little interest in gifts for their home, or gifts to help with a honeymoon, can instead request charitable donations on their behalf. To help with this, you can select a particular organization or cause that you prefer people give to if they want to provide the equivalent of a gift to you.

Sharing Your Gift Preferences With Guests Before The Wedding

While it might feel convenient to do so, it is considered better form to leave matters concerning gifts OFF of your wedding invitations. However, you can bring up your preference on your wedding website. Let your family members and wedding party members know what your decision is, too, so they can help you spread the message to other guests.

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