Communicating Effectively Through A Wedding Website

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Because they allow you to share your engagement photos, talk about your relationship, and relay helpful information, you can be interested in setting up a wedding website. While some couples do more with the site they create than others, it is hard to argue against the benefits of a digital presence. Of course, the act of setting up a website does not guarantee effective communication! You should make sure that you have the right information listed, and that people have access to the page. You should also be careful not to become reliant on digital tools for all of your communication about your wedding, particularly when it comes to interacting with guests who prefer to communicate offline.

Are We Required To Set Up A Wedding Website?

You can forgo the creation of a wedding website if you choose, even as the process has become easier to assemble something. If you have plans for a smaller wedding event, you may choose to simply communicate directly with the select guests you have invited. Some couples see dropping the website as a matter of freeing up their schedule for other important pre-wedding responsibilities. With that said, remember that your website has value because it lets you share important information broadly and quickly. It also gives you a space to let people know about details that are best not included in your wedding invitations.

Your Website Lets You Share Information Left Out Of Your Invitations

What are you doing for your wedding registry? Plenty of guests will want to know, but this is typically something left out of an invitation. When you set up your website, you can share information on a registry, and even include links to help people start their shopping. Generally speaking, you can use your website to share information that might seem tacky in your invitations, or to offer details that might be hard to fit onto them.

You Should Rely On More Than Just Your Website To Communicate With Guests

No matter how elaborate or modest it is, you should not assume that everyone will have all of their questions answered by your website! Be prepared to answer questions that may feel obvious to you. If guests want to dispute something like the lack of a plus one or a rule against bringing kids, they may bring their “questions” to you to challenge your choices. Your close friends and immediate family members can be allies in your communication efforts, as they can speak to other guests about their questions.

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