Deciding Where Your Guests Should Sit At The Reception

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While it is not always required, it is often beneficial to have a seating chart for your wedding reception, particularly if you have a larger guest list. As tempting as it may be to go without just to avoid the work of creating it, your chart can help your reception start sooner, and it can help you map out the room to confirm that you have ample space for everyone during your event. Of course, knowing that a seating chart is beneficial does not mean you know exactly where everyone should sit! Give yourself time to craft your chart, and be patient as you work through different seating scenarios. Remember that you will also need to make sure people have an easy time finding the seats that you assign to them.

Take Your Time When Creating Your Seating Chart

If you try to put it together at the last minute, you can look forward to a stressful experience working out your seating chart. Finding a way to fill each table with the right people can take time, and it may lead to some challenges. Guests who attend without dates can throw off your numbers in a way that make evenly distributing people difficult. You can also have a hard time trying to figure out how to group people who do not know each other. You are not able to put together the seating chart right away – after all, this task is impossible to complete without RSVPs. With that said, start as soon as you have a clear idea of who will be in attendance.

Where Should You And Your Partner Sit?

Your sweetheart table gives you a space for you and your partner to sit without trying to place yourselves at a table with other guests. The sweetheart table can be set apart from the other tables, and you can take care to give it extra decoration. In addition to helping you avoid the awkward matter of deciding who you should sit with, you can also create a space where guests can walk over and congratulate you without interfering with other guests’ meals.

Think About How To Share Seating Information At The Reception

As part of your reception decorations, you should put out some kind of signage to let people know where they are sitting. If it becomes difficult for people to determine where they should sit, it may be difficult for the reception to start on time. While you can rely on cards at different tables, you may want to put up a larger sign to help people make their way to their seats at the entrance.

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