How To Keep Your Reception Lively With Music And Dancing

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You want your guests to remain seated for your ceremony, but your wedding reception gives everyone an opportunity to mingle, eat, and have fun! In addition to providing food and drinks, couples typically offer up entertainment for the evening at their reception event. By hiring a DJ or a live band, and making space for a dance floor, you can make this second part of your wedding day a fun and lively experience for people in attendance. Of course, some guests will prefer to stay away from the dance floor. You can still provide a wonderful time for these individuals – with a few small touches, you can make your evening more satisfying for them as well as your livelier attendees.

Providing Music For Your Reception

It is easy to bring in your own music player and a large collection of songs to choose from. For many people, a smartphone contains a music library that can last far longer than a wedding reception. So should you try to take care of music yourself, or rely on a professional? With a DJ or a live band, you can enjoy more than just access to a collection of music. People with experience in entertainment can help keep the energy levels high at your event, and they can switch up their music choices in response to your guests’ reactions. You can also ask a DJ or band leader to make announcements, which can help you grab everyone’s attention before an event like your wedding toast, or your cake cutting.

Welcoming Guests To The Dance Floor

Your guests will have to wait just a little while to take to the dance floor. Before the space is formally opened, it is customary for the happy couple to share their first dance. You can also hold off on opening the floor until you and your partner have shared dances with your parents. The formal announcement that dancing will begin can be an exciting one, but you do not have to plan anything elaborate. A DJ or live band can have an idea of what songs might encourage people to take to the dance floor when the time is right.

What Can I Do For Guests Who Prefer Not To Dance?

Do you need to worry about guests who prefer to leave the dance floor open for others? It is only natural that some of your guests will want to spend most or all of their time away from the floor. This is hardly a cause for concern, and you can still keep these people happy with your dessert options, and with the drinks available at your bar service.

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