Keeping Guests Entertained Before Your Reception Starts

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Typically, the time between a couple’s wedding ceremony and reception will be spent taking staged pictures with family members, as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. With first look photos taken before your event, you can cut down on the time this will take, but there will still be a gap between your ceremony’s end and the official beginning of your wedding reception. What should you have your guests do with this time? Some of it will be spent letting people situate themselves in your reception area. They can mingle with other guests, locate their seats, and generally settle in for the rest of your event. With that said, you can make the most of this period by offering up refreshments while they wait, and providing music to make the time pass more quickly.

Consider Throwing A Special “Cocktail Hour” Between Your Ceremony And Reception

A formal or informal “cocktail hour” between your ceremony and reception can occupy your guests while you have your staged photos taken. This part of your celebration can be less structured than other parts of your special day. Simply providing a small selection of drinks and appetizers, and having some music for the background, can maintain the festive energy of your event. Food can be particularly welcome at this point if your wedding takes place in the later evening, as guests are likely to be hungry.

Give Your Guests Time To Settle In Their Seats Before The Reception

One reason to keep things simple during the cocktail hour is to make sure people have the time they need to make their way to the reception area. If you have a larger guest list, people may need a little more time locating where they have been placed according to your seating chart. It can also give people the chance to catch up with friends in attendance.

Make The Most Of Your Arrival To The Reception!

No matter how simple or elaborate your cocktail hour is, you should try to make the most of your arrival at the reception! The reveal of the newly-married couple is considered the official beginning of the reception, and it can be a particularly crowd-pleasing moment. Some couples will plan an entrance that features music and choreographed moves, or at least some improvised dancing. If this feels like a bad fit for you and your partner, you can simply select a meaningful song and be ready to greet guests with a smile.

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