Make The Most Of Your Time During Your Wedding Rehearsal

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If you want your wedding ceremony to live up to your expectations, make sure you take full advantage of your rehearsal time. During your wedding rehearsal, you can have all of the people with roles to fulfill at your ceremony present to learn what is expected of them. Even if their task is simple, practice and advance instructions can have significant value. Practicing everything can also help soothe the nerves of everyone involved…yourself included. After practicing, you can gather with family and wedding party members for your rehearsal dinner, which is often the last time the happy couple will see each other before their ceremony. Texas Old Town does welcome couples who wish to host their rehearsal dinner at our venue – this can cut out the need to travel from one location to the next for this event, and it can give you more time to practice!

Make Sure Everyone Knows They Need To Be Present At Your Rehearsal

When you ask people to serve in your wedding party, they should be expected to be present at your rehearsal. While this may not be possible in certain situations, the closeness of your rehearsal to the day itself should make the request easy for them to satisfy. Even participants who travel to the event can typically be there, as the rehearsal takes place the night before. If you have a flower girl and ring bearer included in your ceremony, it can be a good idea to have them in attendance as well. Kids can be less clear on what they are doing, and may need a few practice runs to feel comfortable with their responsibilities.

Have Your Plans For Your Ceremony In Place Before The Rehearsal

You should be prepared to make the most of your time during your wedding rehearsal, which means you should have plans for the ceremony cemented before it begins. That way, you can quickly place your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the desired order, and begin the actual practice runs, Remember, the more time you spend second-guessing earlier decisions or making up your mind about different matters, the less you will have to ready yourself for your special day!

Arranging Your Rehearsal Dinner

While your rehearsal dinner is more about relaxing and spending time with family before your wedding, it can be a memorable night in its own right. Because you can host yours at our site, you can arrange your night’s activities in one convenient spot, rather than send your wedding party from one place to another and risk running late for your own celebration. Typically, the rehearsal dinner will be a relatively casual experience. Even if you are having an elaborate or formal wedding, you should feel comfortable with a more laid-back gathering the night before.

Texas Old Town Can Host Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Texas Old Town can provide great amenities and settings for couples in search of a premiere Austin wedding experience. If you would like to learn more, you can fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!