Making Time For Toasts During Your Wedding Reception

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You and your partner will be front and center for most of your wedding. However, the wedding toast gives other people a chance to stand and address your guests. Toasts can be funny and charming, but they are also a chance for those close to you to share their excitement over your union. This event is often accompanied with the raising and drinking of champagne, though this is not strictly necessary. While this can be a relatively short part of your reception, it creates an opportunity for important people in your life to wish you well as you begin your married life, so it can be particularly meaningful.

Who Should Speak During The Reception?

In a traditional toast format, the fathers of the bride and groom are encouraged to speak, as are the best man and the maid or matron of honor. This may be what people expect, but it does not have to be the format that you choose. You are certainly welcome to ask others to speak if they are interested in doing so. As long as you adjust for time to let more people speak, it can be easy to give people more time to share their thoughts.

Serving Champagne Before The Toasts

If you plan on serving champagne with your wedding toasts, make sure you have enough on hand to give everyone a glass. Be careful to count your inventory of bottles as something separate from the stock of drinks you purchase for your bar service, and make it clear what those bottles are for. You should give your servers advance notice to start pouring and setting out glasses so that there is no delay in the toasts – an event organizer can take care of this for you. If you are hosting a dry wedding, you may want to pass out non-alcoholic beverages for your toasts, or you can simply do without the drinks.

How Long Should The Toasts Last?

You should not feel like you have to give people a strict time limit on what they can say. For some individuals, the problem may be finding the comfort to speak at length at all! With that said, you may want to gently let a more talkative or outgoing person how long you plan to give to the toasting ceremony. This can help them gauge how long they should speak, which can help them as they write and revise their words.

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