Should We Go With Traditional Vows, Or Something Personal?

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

Traditional wedding vows have been used in countless ceremonies, giving them a long and rich history. While some people want to include that history in their wedding day, other couples choose to share a personal alternative to these vows. By crafting your own words to recite at the altar, you can take a moment to share why you want to spend your life with your partner, and what your relationship has meant to you. Personalized vows are just one of many small touches you can include if you want to set your ceremony apart from the typical wedding experience.

You Can Share Personal Vows At A Traditional Wedding Event

If you want to host a wedding ceremony and reception that are rooted in tradition, you may feel that you need to stick with traditional vows. If this is your preference, it can help you maintain consistency throughout your event. With that said, you can still deviate from what is expected in this case and still have what could be fairly termed a “traditional” event.

Do We Have To Memorize Our Vows?

The vows you write and recite should be meaningful, and they should be composed with thought and care. It is a good idea to practice reciting them, and to time yourself to see how long your speech is before finalizing it. However, you do not have to memorize everything you want to say. Bringing cards with the words written down can actually be beneficial even if you are intending to memorize what you say. The enormity of the moment at the altar can shake just about anyone’s confidence, and lead to slips in your prepared speech.

Other Small Gestures That Can Personalize Your Ceremony

With the lovely outdoor spaces available to you at our venue, it can be a good idea to let your natural surroundings shine during the ceremony. However, you may want to include some decorations of your own to personalize the space you use. Decorating the altar space can help “frame” you and your partner. In addition to helping draw attention to you, this can make it possible for your wedding photographer to capture some truly lovely images. You may also want to add decorative touches to your aisle space, particularly if you are not going to have petals provided by a flower girl before the bride’s arrival.

Say “I Do” During A Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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