Should We Stick With Family Traditions Or Do Something New?

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

Some people enter their engagement period with a clearer idea of what they want for their wedding than others. With that said, knowing what you want may not settle all of the questions around what you should do on your wedding day. Couples who want to move away from tradition sometimes enter conflicts with family members who have fixed ideas about what their celebration should involve. How can you peacefully settle disagreements over what you want to do with your special day? Does the financial assistance of parents or other family members entitle them to some say about the details of your event? While these conflicts can be uncomfortable, addressing them early, and speaking about them openly, can help you effectively settle them.

Does Your Wedding Vision Clash With What Your Parents Want?

Your parents may expect you to host a traditional event with classic vows, formal decorations, and other familiar features of a wedding celebration. While you may be happy to include some, or even most, wedding traditions in your plans, there may be areas of disagreement. For couples looking to host a less conventional celebration, there may be many challenging discussions looming in the course of your engagement period. If your parents are helping you pay for your event, dismissing their input can be challenging, and it can lead to hurt feelings. With that said, if you feel strongly about aspects of your wedding that they may not like, make those feelings clear before you agree to support.

Settle Disagreements About Your Wedding Early

Speaking about your family conflicts early may feel like a bumpy way to begin wedding planning, but it can be less awkward than running into problems as you are already in the midst of arranging things with wedding vendors. For example, even parents who are less involved in planning can feel entitled to ask you to invite certain people they know. Being prepared for this, and factoring it into your guest count, can be less difficult than trying to change your turnout numbers after you have already started working out details for seating, food, and drinks.

Look For New Spins On Classic Ideas

With a little ingenuity, you can find fun ways to incorporate family traditions into a wedding that is more suited to your personal style. Set up tributes to certain traditions on your terms, or add to them in ways that make you happy. Conflicts do not have to lead to disappointment or hurt feelings. Open communication and a willingness to be creative can lead to a wedding experience that everyone can appreciate!

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