Should You Encourage Wedding Guests To Bring Their Kids?

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A wedding does more than formally celebrate the union of a happy couple. When you tie the knot with your partner, the two of you also bring your families together. With this in mind, many couples feel that entire families – kids included – should be welcome to their celebration. While an all-ages wedding can be fun, it may pose some concerns for you. How can you make sure the kids are entertained, and that they do not become restless during your event? How should you make space for families when you arrange your seating chart? While your wedding plans should not revolve around the kids who might be in attendance, you can make sure your youngest guests are happy with some smart advance planning.

The Benefits To Hosting An All-Ages Wedding

Welcoming kids can encourage more of your guests to attend, as there will be no concerns about finding a babysitter or leaving one person behind to take care of them. It can also feel uncomfortable to ask people to leave their children at home. This choice also makes sense if you want to have a ring bearer and flower girl at your event. After all, it would be strange to have an entirely adults-only wedding with the exception of the kids in these roles!

Tips For Seating Guests Who Will Bring Their Kids With Them

While it is possible to do without a seating chart, it can be challenging. If you want to serve plated meals with entree options, you will need to have assigned seats so servers know where to bring different dishes. A larger guest list can also lead to challenges, because it may take people an extended amount of time to find their seats at your event. You may want to keep guests who bring their kids near each other, as this reduces the chance that children will wander off in search of friends. Make sure your invitations specify that kids are welcome, and that you need an official count from families so you know if they intend to bring their youngsters or not.

Set Up A Special “Fun” Zone At Your Reception For Your Youngest Guests

Your youngest guests may enjoy wedding cake, but they can grow impatient during your ceremony and find little to their liking on a traditional reception dinner menu. If you want to keep them preoccupied – and leave the dance floor more open to your adult guests – consider setting up a table with games and other activities for kids. A few puzzles, coloring books, and other items can provide more than enough to hold their attention.

All Of Your Guests Can Have A Wonderful Time At Your Texas Old Town Wedding

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