Tips For Couples Who Want To Host A Smaller Wedding Event

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

For many couples, the ideal wedding experience is one that features a smaller turnout. Choosing to keep your guest list small can do more than just help you lower your event costs. Taking more care in selecting who you want in attendance can limit your event to people you feel especially close to, and it can give you time to interact with everyone on hand and let them know what their presence means to you. Texas Old Town has different venue options available, so you can find the venue space that feels most appropriate for the size of your wedding. While it is important to make space for everyone, a space that is too large can sometimes feel overwhelming for a more intimate gathering. With the right space, and the right people, you can enjoy a fantastic wedding experience!

Benefits To Keeping Your Guest List Small

Even if you are not basing your guest count on your budget, it can be nice to know that a smaller wedding comes with fewer costs for things like food, beverages, and wedding favors. Because you are paying to serve fewer people, you can enjoy more freedom to select more high-end meals, or you can apply your savings to another aspect of your wedding, like your decorations or your bridal gown. The smaller guest list also makes it possible for you to spend more time with people who are in attendance. While couples are expected to greet and thank guests at larger weddings, a more intimate event gives you time to actually talk with people and express gratitude more fully.

Take Your Time When Deciding Who To Invite

People are sometimes reluctant to stick with a smaller guest count because they are worried they will forget to invite someone, or they will not have enough room for everyone they want on hand. With this in mind, take time early in your wedding planning efforts to think about who should be in attendance. Give yourself time to make amendments and additions if necessary, as it can be difficult to “make room” for a few more guests if you have already made arrangements for a small wedding event.

Does A Smaller Guest List Mean We Need To Have A Smaller Wedding Party?

There is not a strict ratio for the size of your wedding party relative to the size of your guest list. In other words, you do not have to stop at a specific number of bridesmaids and groomsmen based on how many people you invite. However, you should be prepared to stick with a more intimate wedding party, as it may seem out of place to have a packed wedding altar and a modest number of people watching your event unfold.

Texas Old Town Can Be A Great Spot For Larger And Smaller Weddings!

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