Tips For Politely Asking Guests To Leave Their Kids At Home

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While you and your partner may receive some feedback on it from your parents, you are ultimately in control of your wedding guest list. What this means is that you can decide how large or small your wedding event is, and who you want in attendance. Couples will decide to host an adults-only celebration for many reasons. For some, this is a way of cutting down on a headcount for their wedding. Others can feel more comfortable with an event where no one has to be responsible for the youngsters that parents bring along. Of course, after making this decision, you may worry about complaints from some guests. While people are familiar enough with child-free weddings to anticipate this request, the way you make it can affect the reactions you receive.

Benefits To Having A Child-Free Wedding Celebration

While a child-free wedding event means no flower girl or ring bearer, there are certain advantages that couples can find hard to ignore. Without kids in attendance, your costs for dinner and dessert can be reduced. You can also make room for more adult guests if you are not dedicating seat space to children. For many people, the decision to limit invitations to adults is made because they feel more comfortable planning their event without making concessions for younger guests.

Be Careful About How Your Wedding Invitations Are Worded

If you want to reserve invitations for adults, make sure this preference is reflected in your wedding invitations. Sending cards that are addressed to families, when you actually intend to address them to just the parents, can be a mixed message. If you are sending invitations to a married couple, or a pair in a committed relationship, specify their names on your invitation. You can add information on your wedding website to further clarify that your event is meant to be child-free.

Be Firm In Your Request For People To Leave Their Kids At Home

Once you decide on a wedding with no children present, be prepared to stick with your decision. Making exceptions can lead to confusion and hurt feelings. To make it easier for parents to arrange sitters on the night of your event, share your preference with your family as soon as possible, and send out save-the-dates that specify the names of invitees so parents will know when they need to arrange childcare.

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