Tips To Help You Find The Right Wedding Centerpieces

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

The centerpieces you place on the tables at your reception are among the most noticeable decorations you will feature at your wedding. They can help you establish your wedding colors, add to the formality of your dinner, and show off your sense of style. Of course, because these decorations tend to be more elaborate, and are often larger, they can be a big part of your decorating budget. While it might be less fun to think about decorating in practical terms, consider matters like cost and transportation before you select your centerpieces. If you want to showcase your creative spirit during your event, consider assembling your own centerpieces for a DIY wedding event!

What The Right Centerpieces Add To Your Wedding Look

Because your centerpieces are heavily featured, and something that your guests can take a close look at, they can play a larger role in establishing your wedding theme. Because your guests have a chance to look closely at them, it is typically recommended that you go with real flowers instead of artificial ones. In addition to adding something nice to individual tables, these pieces also make it easier for you to showcase your wedding colors during the reception.

Be Careful About Selecting Larger Centerpieces

In their desire to create the most attractive or eye-catching centerpieces, some couples choose larger decorations for their tables. While a larger piece can be impressive, it may come with practical concerns. Before making your choice, think about how the centerpiece might interfere with people’s ability to talk to people across from them. It is also possible for these decorations to make it harder for some people to watch certain moments like the couple’s first dance, or the cake cutting.

Should You Create Your Own Centerpieces For Your Reception?

If you have a creative spirit, or if you want to make sure your celebration stands apart from other weddings you have attended, you may be interested in the idea of a DIY wedding. Creating custom decorations can help your event stand apart, and recycled or repurposed items can be great for a wedding with a rustic theme. If you have a background in crafting, and you are comfortable taking on a more challenging project, you may be excited to take on your own centerpieces. However, if you are worried about the challenges that come with this task, you may want to leave these decorations to the professionals.

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