What Tasks Will I Need To Handle On My Wedding Day?

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While your engagement period can be busy, few days can feel as hectic as the wedding day itself! In the hours before your ceremony is set to begin, you may find yourself with several concerns on your mind. On top of making sure everyone in your wedding party looks their best when it is time to walk the aisle, you will want to check on your wedding vendors, and you may need to arrange the delivery of beverages and other items related to your celebration. To make the time before your wedding less stressful, you can take advantage of the amenities offered by Texas Old Town, including on-site suites where the wedding party members can dress and prepare.

Make Sure Everyone In Your Wedding Party Has Time To Prepare Themselves

The wedding party members are typically expected to arrive at the venue before the event is set to begin. In fact, you may want to arrange for your bridesmaids to meet you at the start of the day if you are providing them with access to hair and makeup services. Scheduling time for everyone to meet and dress can help reduce stress over the possibility that a bridesmaid or groomsman might be late and delay the start of your event.

Arranging The Pickup And Delivery Of Supplies For Your Reception

You will need to make sure that your beverages, your wedding cake, decorations, and any other items you supply for your event safely arrive in advance of your wedding. Our guests have sixteen hours of venue access, so you can have ample time to bring these items in. This also gives you time for people to put out the decorations and generally prepare your space for your celebration. With an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can even have professional support with the setting and breaking down of your decorations!

Your Wedding Suites Can Make Day-Of Preparations Easier For You!

Because we give couples access to wedding suites, it is easier to bring everyone together to prepare on location! You can enjoy the space to dress, and also to have your hair and makeup done at the venue. The groom’s party tends to need less time to prepare themselves, but this means they tend to be available to help with decorating and preparing your space before and after they dress.

Your Wedding At Texas Old Town Can Be A Beautiful Experience!

You can enjoy a beautiful wedding experience at Texas Old Town! In addition to enjoying access to lovely spaces for their ceremony and reception, couples can enjoy amenities that make planning and organizing their event easier. If you would like to learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, please call us at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form.