Will We Have Time To Put Out Our Wedding Decorations?

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Photography

While advanced preparations can make your wedding day considerably easier, you can count on the hours leading to your ceremony to be packed with activities. One challenge couples face when deciding on how they want their ceremony and reception spaces to look will be finding the time to put everything out before guests arrive. As part of our standard amenities, Texas Old Town does provide sixteen hours of venue access, which can give you more time to put out all of your decorations. You can enjoy additional support if you have our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which provides assistance with the setup of your decorations, and help with breaking everything down when your night is over!

Making The Most Of The Day Before Your Ceremony Begins

Between decorating, welcoming different wedding vendors, and making sure everyone in your wedding is dressed, the hours before the start of your ceremony can feel frantic. You can limit stress by giving everyone in your wedding party a set time to arrive, and providing access to hair and makeup services for your bridesmaids. Because we offer suites for both halves of your wedding party, everyone will have space to prepare themselves. Once they finish readying for the event, bridesmaids and groomsmen can help with the setup.

Should You Hire Help To Place Decorations?

Depending on how many decorations you plan to put out, and how elaborate your arrangements are, you may feel like seeking help with preparing your wedding spaces. If you have an event coordinator for your special day, you can talk with them about what you should do. This assistance may not be necessary, as the help of your wedding party may be more than enough to prepare everyone and everything.

An All-Inclusive Wedding Package Includes Help With Wedding Day Setup

While our All-Inclusive Wedding Package is meant to make your engagement period easier, it can also provide support during the day itself. As part of your services, you will have professional help to set up everything you want to put out for your event. When the night is up, you can enjoy more assistance as everything you put out can be broken down for you.

Create A Beautiful Space For Your Wedding At Texas Old Town

With our access to lovely Texas Hill Country surroundings, and our inviting indoor reception areas, Texas Old Town can provide lovely wedding settings for happy couples! In addition to providing the right space for your wedding, we can offer assistance on your special day through generous general amenities, and we can provide extra support with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! If you are looking for a place to enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience, you can find out more about our Kyle, TX venue by calling 512.396.1800 or completing our online contact form.