Month: May 2020

Providing A Great Reception Dining Experience For Guests

A successful wedding reception can depend on many factors, but it is hard to overstate the importance of planning out your meal for your guests. To provide a memorable dining experience, think beyond the food itself and consider what you should do to serve everything, and how you should decorate your dining spaces. Texas Old… Read more »

Choosing And Establishing Your Wedding Theme

Once you have your wedding theme selected, it can be easier for you to start putting the pieces of your event in place. This choice can impact the wedding colors you choose, the formality of your event, and whether you want to include rustic, antique, or DIY decorations. Making and committing to a choice will… Read more »

3 Reasons To Consider First Look Wedding Photos

First look wedding photos see a happy couple pose together before their ceremony begins for a series of pictures. These shots can capture great images you can be excited to frame and place in your shared home, but this does mean the bridal gown is revealed before the start of the wedding. While some couples… Read more »

What Should You Know Before You Shop For A Wedding Gown?

Beginning the search for a wedding gown can be fun, but it may be a time-consuming process even if you have an idea of what you want to wear. Selecting the “right” gown can call for a search at multiple shops as you try to find the dress that truly speaks to you. Once you… Read more »

Things To Consider Before Planning A Larger Wedding Event

When it comes to weddings, should you keep your guest list short, or should you extend invitations to as many people as you can? Planning a larger wedding can mean taking on more costs, and it can make ample space a priority. With that said, this can help you create a more celebratory mood during… Read more »

Tips To Help You Make The Most Of An Outdoor Ceremony

By arranging an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can enjoy picturesque natural surroundings when you say “I do” before your friends and family members. In addition to creating a stunning visual experience, an outdoor ceremony can be a great way to set the tone for a rustic wedding, or add a touch of magic to a… Read more »

What Should The Groomsmen Wear At Our Wedding?

You have your own gown to select, and you need to think about what your bridesmaids should wear before your wedding. Of course, to complete the look and make sure everyone seems in place and stylish at the altar, you also need to think about what the groomsmen should have on at your event. The… Read more »

Making Time For All Of Your Planned Reception Events

The typical wedding reception will feature dinner, drinks, dancing, toasts, and more. This is your time to thank everyone for being on hand to celebrate your union with your partner, as well as an opportunity to enjoy your first night together as a married couple. While the evening can be full of fun, you may… Read more »

Tips For Couples Excited To Host A DIY Wedding Celebration

Hosting a DIY wedding can pose some challenges, but it also gives couples the opportunity to make sure that their event is distinct from other celebrations. You can use repurposed and handmade items to create a rustic look, or work in antique and new pieces to have a retro feel for your wedding event. While… Read more »

Tips To Help You In Your Search For Wedding Vendors

You can count on support from friends and family members as you begin planning your wedding, but some tasks will call for some professional help. Even if you want to create a DIY wedding experience, some tasks can be too large for you to take on without some experienced guidance. As you meet with different… Read more »