3 Alternatives To A Typical Wedding Gift Registry

image of a wedding reception setup

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

If you are less than thrilled by the idea of receiving items on a a “typical” wedding registry, you are not alone. Many couples have chosen to break away from convention when it comes to asking for their guests to provide gifts when attending their wedding. A conventional registry tends to be built around the idea that people are helping you furnish a new home with different appliances and beneficial goods, but you may have no need for these items. You can certainly ask guests to forgo the gift-giving tradition, but you can also consider exploring your alternatives to the usual registry. By doing so, you can help your guests provide you with items (or financial support) that truly helps you, something that they can appreciate.

1. Ask For Help With Honeymoon Expenses

While you may have few needs concerning home goods, the right help from wedding guests can help you plan and enjoy your honeymoon. A Honeyfund can help you take are of the costs of your travel and lodging, but you can also set up a registry that provides gifts that make sense for your planned experience.

2. Include Fun Items With More Traditional Requests

How many home goods do you currently need? If you and your partner already live together, or if you already have more than enough items between the two of you to maintain a comfortable home, it may feel silly to ask for kitchen appliances or other standard gift items. With that in mind, you may want to try something different and ask for more entertainment-based gifts. You can mix in fun items with the usual requests, or you can do something like ask people to bring a book that is meaningful to them to make the experience of giving more personal.

3. Select A Charity People Can Support On Your Behalf

Rather than ask people to give in support of you and your partner, you can ask that they donate to a charity (or charities) on your behalf. You can elaborate on why you have chosen this group on your wedding website, or even provide a link on the site to make donating easier. If you are not using a wedding website, you can put out information on where people should donate at your wedding and let them make donations after the event.

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