3 Potential Sources Of Inspiration For Your Wedding Colors

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

For many couples, the right wedding colors can be vivid and varied, but others can prefer a more limited and muted palette for their event. By choosing the right colors for your wedding look, you can affect how formal everything feels, make sure certain features stand out, and establish the theme of your evening. So what should you do if you are struggling to make up your mind about what hues and shades to feature? There are several potential sources of inspiration to draw from. You can think about how much impact your colors should have on your wedding’s theme and sense of formality, draw from the season, or think about certain decorative touches you know you want.

1. Take Inspiration From The Season Of Your Wedding

For a spring or summer wedding, it can feel appropriate to select colors that are bright, or to go with light and breezy tones. If your wedding is happening during the fall, familiar autumn hues like red and orange can stand out. Winter weddings can often inspire frostier and more formal decorative touches, so muted and lighter colors can make sense for your special day.

2. Choose A Color Scheme That Fits The Formality Of Your Event

If you know you want to host a formal wedding, it can feel inappropriate to have strong colors, and it can be difficult to incorporate too many different shades or colors into your decorations. Meanwhile, a smaller and more laid-back wedding may look dull or washed-out if you try to decorate with subtle tones. By making sure your colors fit the formality of your planned event, you can cut out potential options and narrow your focus to better candidates for your ideal wedding experience.

3. Think About The Flowers You Want To Use In Your Decorations

The season of your wedding can affect more than just the weather outside – the availability of certain flowers can be impacted by the time of year. If you know what flowers you want to feature, start with their color and think about what might pair well with it! Thinking about what color might complement your bouquets can also help you make a decision if you are struggling to pick a color for your bridesmaid dresses.

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