3 Reasons To Consider First Look Wedding Photos

couple posing for first look photos

Professional Photo By: Brio Weddings

First look wedding photos see a happy couple pose together before their ceremony begins for a series of pictures. These shots can capture great images you can be excited to frame and place in your shared home, but this does mean the bridal gown is revealed before the start of the wedding. While some couples choose to stick with tradition and save that reveal for the event itself, being open to first look photos can offer several advantages. One benefit for couples who have their event at our Texas Hill Country location is the opportunity to find the ideal backdrop to capture stunning images that you will be excited to preserve and share.

1. They Can Shorten The Time Between Your Ceremony And Reception

In between your wedding ceremony and reception, your wedding photographer can take you and your partner, your wedding party, and your family members aside to take posed photos. Because this can take some time, couples often plan “cocktail hour” events for the rest of their guests before the reception begins. Having first look photos taken before your event begins can cut down on the time between your ceremony and reception, which can give you more time to enjoy all of your planned reception activities.

2. You Can Find The Ideal Backdrop For Your Images

Because you are taking time out to have your photographs taken before your ceremony, you can look for the space that feels just right for you and your partner. The ideal backdrop can add to the quality of these images, and you can enjoy images that are truly spectacular. Having time to carefully select shots and locations is more difficult when you are trying to squeeze these pictures in between your ceremony and reception. Because you have sixteen hours of venue access as part of our standard amenities, you can have ample time to select a spot, dress, and take the pictures.

3. You And Your Partner Have An Extra Moment Together Before Your Wedding Begins

The day of your wedding can be frantic, and it may feature a few tense or stressful moments. Having first look photos arranged gives you one extra opportunity to see the person you love before everything begins. Even if everything goes perfectly before this point, it can still be nice to have a little time alone, as private moments can be hard to arrange once the ceremony begins.

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