Answers To Common Questions About Save-The-Date Cards

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What role do save-the-date cards play in wedding planning? These cards are different from wedding invitations, which officially ask people to let you know if they can attend your event. For some, the save-the-date can feel superfluous, and they may decide to not bother with them at all. However, if you have a longer engagement period, or if you know that more of your guests will have to travel or make special arrangements to attend, it can be an important early notice of your special day. While you do not have to provide full details about your event (or even have plans lined up), these cards should give people enough detail to allow them to make the appropriate arrangements to attend.

Should We Send Out Save-The-Date Cards?

If you have a shorter engagement period, you can probably do without the save-the-date cards. Their function is to let people know what the date and general location of your wedding be so that they can make a note not to schedule anything at that time. By the time it is appropriate to send your official invitations, people may already have conflicts on their calendars. This prevents that from happening while also avoiding a situation where people never think to RSVP because they have so much time between the receipt of an invitation and the wedding date.

What Makes Save-The-Dates Different From Our Wedding Invitations?

Just as there are some details of your wedding that you should leave out of your invitations, there will be details that do not need to go into your save-the-dates. Because these cards are sent out with considerable advance notice, you may need to design and mail them before all of your event details are secured. That may mean leaving out details like the wedding location or exact time, as these may not be in place yet. What you should include are the date and the city of your event. Your invitations will provide the full details of your event, and they can include your official RSVP notice for people.

Should We Ask People To Respond To Their Save-The-Dates?

You do not have to ask for official responses in your save-the-date cards. With that said, there is an unofficial expectation for people to tell you if they are not available on that date. Because you have not yet sent out formal invitations, and may have more planning to do, you may choose to replace people on your guest list.

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